What’s a nuru massage?

Nuru massage has become one of the most sought-after. We are not sure if it will be the direct contact that is established between the two bodies involved or the stimulating gel that is used for it, but the point is that, whoever tries it, claims to feel an uncontrollable pleasure that transports it directly to orgasm. The nuru massage is also known as hand-to-hand massage, a way of defining it that allows one to get a fairly close idea of how it is practiced. On the other hand, the word nuru comes from Japan and means “slippery” and is used to give the name to this massage in reference to the gel that is used so that the rubbing between the two bodies is fluid and suggestive.

In short, when we talk about Nuru massage, we are talking about two bodies in contact, one on top of the other and impregnated in a viscous gel to facilitate its friction. What are you starting to imagine the pleasure of this massage?

The positive effects of nuru

Well, the Nuru massage is indeed pure eroticism. If you decide to try it, you will find that the masseuse does not use her hands to stimulate your body but will use her whole body for it. In fact, the Nuro massage basically consists of the masseuse sliding her naked body through your naked body, which will begin to experience unparalleled pleasure.

The third protagonist in this story is the Nuru gel used in this ritual. The erotic masseurs in Barcelona use your body, or more specifically the movements of your body, to make caresses, pressures, twists and all kinds of contacts on your naked body. But for your body to be able to slide over yours by legs, buttocks, breasts, back… you need a lubricating gel that previously the masseur will have extended you with sensuality for your body after doing it by her own.

But this message is not only about lying on a stretcher to wait for the rubbing of the masseuse’s body. This is an active massage in which you will have to adopt different postures requested by the masseur to achieve greater stimulation in this body to body rubbing. That’s why it’s such an exciting and different massage, plus one of the hottest.

The experts in sexual therapies bet on returning to the touch, without haste, without gadgets or final objective: to play for the pleasure of enjoying playing to awaken the energy that we all carry inside. And for this, tantric massages can be very useful in enhancing sensuality and reviving desire in all areas of the body and not just the genitals. If you want to improve your sex life, receiving one of the tantra massages in Barcelona can be the first step to achieve it. Of course, you must come willing to relax, let yourself be carried away and abandon yourself to desire without fear or shame.