Bluewater Day Spa combines a movie theatre massage room

Go to a spa where you can enjoy the benefits of water on the human body is one of the greatest pleasures that we can give to disconnect from stress and routine. For this reason, we recommend saving a bit of money to give you this treat from time to time. In addition to just siting and enjoying some porn while at home, why not try massages that are given in specialized centres and by personal experience are an ideal treatment to relax the body and mind.

Spa and massages are never a mistake

The City of Madrid has explained today that he paid “by mistake” bills ‘spa’ massage and the actors of Bollywood who attended in June of last year to the gala of delivery of the ‘Oscar’ of indian cinema in the Spanish capital. The event was funded with a million euros from the municipal budget which, according to advance today this newspaper, was devoted in part to pay for extras in the Hotel Palace and limousines for attendees at the event. In the team of Manuela Carmena point out that it was decided to reject the amounts corresponding to ‘spa’ massage and a choice of our own, “despite being protected by law”. “However, three of these expenses were paid by mistake, as it has been proven now, by an amount of about 500 euros”, says a spokesperson of the Government.

As explained in the city Hall, the municipal Intervention reviewed 150 invoices submitted by Wizcraft -the organiser of the gala – to justify the investment of a million euros from the public coffers. To do this, they say, had to be analyzed “about 1,500 concepts disaggregated in the corresponding bills”.

The margin of the bills ‘spa’ massage and paid “erroneously”, with the grant city have been paid to accounts of ‘sushi’ up 572,77 euros with a charge to a single room, 8.706,34 euros in ironing and 450 euros per day for particular service of waiters for the ‘royal suite’. In addition, we have paid 202.395,8 euros in limousines. After recognizing this fault in the control of expenditure, in local Government insist that the delivery of the awards of Bollywood “involved a huge projection” of the city on the asian continent, “given the media coverage it had through television, radio, newspapers and other information media“.

Massages are a great investment

“That was a indirect advertising for Madrid that an external audit is estimated at a cost equivalent to 196 million euros”, explained. In addition, make sure that “the event resulted in the presence of 10 of the stars of the film industry most important in the world” who “visited the city some 15,000 people, which reported a direct economic impact of 12 million euros in the sectors of trade, catering, leisure and transportation“.

In the last few months, they add, “has increased by 235% in the number of indians served in the offices of tourism”, which in the city Council think that it is “a result of the dissemination of the attractions of the city in that country.”